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UKIC / Confucius Institute / UKCI 2014 Kentucky K-12 Level Chinese Proficiency Competition

UKCI 2014 Kentucky K-12 Level Chinese Proficiency Competition

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last weekend, the University of Kentucky Confucius Institute (UKCI) hosted a Chinese Language Contest for Lexington area K-12 students. Organized by the UKCI and participating school districts, students gathered at the University of Kentucky to demonstrate their linguistic and cultural knowledge. Students competed in recitation, brush and pen calligraphy, painting and drawing, and Chinese composition. This event showcases the students’ achievements in learning Chinese language and culture.

Winners of the 2014 Kentucky K-12 Chinese proficiency Competition are:


1st Prize: Ingrid Xinyuan Cassel

2nd Prize: Sophia Li

3rd Prize: Albert Tang

Non-Heritage Level 1

1st Prize: Macole Cason and Trevor Fugate

2nd Prize: Cameron Snowden, Joseph Brownfield, Joanna Cholewo, and Jhet Raleigh

3rd Prize: Hardley Fugate, Hardley Christopher, Jaiden Jett, Addie Patterson, Nicholas Clevenger, and Maddie Campbell

Non-Heritage Level 2

1st Prize: Aaron Miller and Ben Luckett

2nd Prize: Yunlan Hana Werking and Leah Werking

3rd Prize: Kyla Lockett, Courtney Baker, Madison Cisell, and Hunter Mitchell