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UKIC / International Center / Gatton College of Business Graduate Student Boldly Pursues Passions

Gatton College of Business Graduate Student Boldly Pursues Passions

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 | By Allison Cooper

Growing up, Tiffany Molina dreamed of becoming a doctor. From going on medical brigades to shadowing doctors, her future seemed set. That was until she began the pre-med track at UK that this dream started to change.

Molina realized her real interests did not lie in studying subjects like biology but in equine science. After all, she had grown up riding horses her whole life. This, combined with her mother’s influence as an alumnus of UK, is what led this international student to the “horse capital” for college.

While taking an economics class for her newly-declared equine science major, Molina soon also discovered she had a passion for business. She then made her next big decision by adding a second degree in business management.

“As a person who loves being in control and enjoys planning ahead, it was a bit scary and made me anxious to not have a “clear-cut” path,” Molina said. “However, if I wouldn’t have taken risks early-on and followed what I really felt passionate about, I would not be here today.”

These decisions were no easy choices. In Molina’s home country of Honduras, jobs that are viewed highly include doctors and lawyers. Molina said that this is one reason why she always thought she would become a doctor. Regardless, she chose to follow what she really wanted.

“A lot of my friends ended up going to medical school and law school and that’s awesome, but you have to pursue what you really want. It’s great when you find your passion, something that you like. If you’re good at it, that’s even better,” Molina said.

Molina took on various internship roles that shaped her interests, specifically in marketing. These internships included working with the U.S. Equestrian Federation and a Sport Horse Marketing internship for Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. Molina said she loved getting to combine her passions for business and horses in this job, as well as learn event marketing.

Molina’s most recent job at the University of Kentucky International Center as a PR and Marketing Assistant reinforced her passion for marketing.

 “I loved getting into this job because I felt like I was contributing to bringing awareness to the diversity in UK’s community - something I’m very passionate about,” Molina said. This job cemented how much I enjoy the marketing field and that it really is something I want to pursue in my career.”

Molina said she hopes all students will be fearless in the pursuit of what they want in life, even if they have to make a few changes along the way

“To all students I would say: surround yourself by people who inspire you to be the best version of you and don’t be afraid when your path gets a bit crooked, you can only learn from those twists and turns!”

Between declaring a dual degree as an undergraduate student and completing a master’s degree in one year, it is safe to say Molina’s has been busy in the pursuit of her dreams. Molina will graduate May 4 with a Master of Business Administration and hopes to have a career in marketing where her passions now lie.




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