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To New International Students at UK: These Apps will help you win at life!

Monday, January 15, 2018 | By Laura Brower

The University of Kentucky understands how stressful life can be for Wildcats coming from another country. Nobody wants to get lost on the first day of classes or feel alone in a new environment. But without a doubt, it always gets better and before you know it, you’ll start calling UK your home away from home.

As you begin the adjustment process, here are a few phone applications to know about and use religiously. These tools will keep you in the know, help you stay on top of your studies, connect you with new friends you meet on campus and always put you in the right direction whether the path is to your dorm, food and the like!


Canvas: This app will act as your academic savior. There, you’ll have access to important files such as your syllabus and receive notifications when teachers message the class, insert new grades and so on. Furthermore, you can directly message with teachers on this platform. You’ll also stay up-to-date on your assignments with calendars on Canvas.

Quizlet: Say hello to your newest study buddy! This app offers numerous tools where students can create and share flashcards with friends, put their memories to the test with games and much more. Once study sets are uploaded, students can use the app offline as well.

MyUK Mobile: Now let’s talk about UK’s app. MyUK Mobile will help you conquer each day. Once you sign in with your linkblue account, you can manage your UK information on the go. You’ll be able to view class information, course catalogs, make account payments and even register for classes! Not to mention, you’ll never get lost all thanks to the app’s detailed interactive campus map.

Productivity and Time Management:

Google Drive: This app is great for many reasons. For instance, you’ll be able to work on documents that automatically save as you type. Wherever your phone goes, so do your files. This platform is extremely convenient when you’re away from a computer but need to write an essay, create notes or whatever else.

Evernote: Everyday is easy with Evernote! When using this awesome app, you can take notes, create to-do lists and save items you find online into the app. It will also automatically sync all your stuff on your phone, computer and tablet.

30/30: Become a task master with 30/30! From paying your tuition to watching your fave show or studying for finals, users can create to-do lists and time each task to their liking.

Pocket: The daily life of a college student moves quickly. Too fast to the point where one can’t even finish an interesting article or video. That’s why we strongly recommend Pocket. This app allows users to save articles, videos, recipes and webpages from online or other apps. Also, users can access their saved files while their devices are offline!


Zipcar: Need a rental car ASAP? Try Zipcar! With this app, users can rent a car by the hour or day, with gas and insurance included.

MyStop Lextran: Moreover, if you’re interested in Lexington’s bus route, download MyStop from the App Store and select Lextran. You’ll receive real-time tracking, stop alerts and route information.

Social Media:

Facebook: Although Facebook is an excellent way to interact with friends and relatives, you’ll need an account for school purposes as well. Many teachers create Facebook groups for their classes to post updates on assignments and tests. In addition, almost every campus club has a Facebook page, so joining their Facebook groups is a great start to involving yourself on campus.

Instagram: Love UK Basketball? Stay in the know with an Insta account! Students use this platform to follow and interact with friends, college clubs, favorite brands and much more. Be sure to follow the official UK accounts for Men’s and Women’s Basketball as we prepare for the upcoming basketball season!

Snapchat: Snapchat is an excellent tool to stay connected with campus life. Students can send pictures to UK’s Campus Stories, updating their classmates on college events, spots for free food, gift giveaways and whatever else!

So there you have it. We hope you’ll find this knowledge useful as you take on each day at UK. It’s crazy to think but it is true that a simple click of an app can go a VERY long way. For more resources tailored for you needs, visit