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Students Share the Impact of the International Village Living Learning Program

Friday, December 13, 2019 | By Patricia Sumoza

The International Village Living Learning Program (LLP) at the University of Kentucky has offered incoming and current students a sense of community, long-lasting relationships and the ability to become more involved with UK’s campus community.

Many students have found personal growth as members of the International Village LLP. As residents, they have been able to open their mind to a world of possibilities, by engaging in global courses and activities that highlight other cultures.

“My role as a peer mentor has allowed me to meet international students and learn about their cultures and backgrounds, said Shan Jennings, an International Village resident and peer mentor who recently hosted 10 other international residents over Thanksgiving break. “It has also helped me develop my listening, problem-solving, and leadership skills.”

Other students also mentioned the International Village LLP has had an impact on their language proficiency, which has had an influence on their educational development.

“Being part of the LLP has helped me improve my English proficiency. It allows me to engage in conversation with other international and U.S. students, said Jiaxun Bei, an International Village LLP resident from China and International Student Leadership Team member. “This has really benefited my learning at UK.”

The recreational and supportive environment the International Village LLP offers allows students to create a special bond with other members, in which success becomes a team effort. Because of the collaborative structure of the LLP, members find an incentive in working together to achieve their personal and educational goals.

“The LLP allowed me to meet like-minded friends who I studied with during freshman year, said Ngoc Phan, international Village LLP resident from Vietnam. “We would study from time to time and help each other. During later years, we even tried taking classes together to have that support from each other,”

Angelica Brown, current LLP peer mentor, also explained the International Village LLP allowed her to succeed in her studies by prompting her to study with other members of the LLP and get things accomplished.  

The International Village LLP is located in one of the newest residence halls which is convenient, but the true impact of this community lays on the sense of belonging, support system and lifelong friendships students have gained as being part of this program.

This program continues to impact the life of its students every year by allowing those who join to explore a variety of cultures a build a global community within UK ‘s campus. All first-year students, from all majors, are encouraged to apply to broaden their world view.