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Know your World: Know your Impact

Monday, September 17, 2018 | By Paulina Zarate

The week of September 17-21 the International Center will host Impact Week: Know the World. Know your Impact. This week is full of events which will be offered in the Gatton Student Center and other locations on campus. These events will help students start their journey as active citizens in getting to know people, important issues and opportunities- with the main focus of students learning about their impact locally and globally!  

Throughout the week there will be a heavy focus on three issues. Students will learn how Access to Healthcare, Food Insecurity, and Natural Resource Management are impacting our local community, the Commonwealth and the greater world. These areas for programming have been identified based on their broad-reaching nature and direct connection to student organizations and experiences.

“We developed a week of programming designed to help students understand their impact in our university community, Lexington community, and global community. Impact Week encourages students to explore the themes from their classes and engage with these issues in their communities” said Seth Hall, International Academic Coordinator.

During Impact Week, the International Center along with Student Academic Life, will offer three $1,000 Impact Grants for student organizations to design their very own program inside the student center that focuses on one of the main issues mentioned. Students must apply in order to be considered. Application information will be made available to students through our website soon.

  • Access to Healthcare is important because it is both a local and global issue. During Impact Week students will talk about the limited access to affordable healthcare options, limited access to healthcare providers due to location, as well as lack of knowledge or exposure to available healthcare resources. The University of Kentucky has a wide range of outreach programs in order to provide increased access to the Commonwealth, and it also has a variety of resources available to students and community members in Lexington.
  • To be food insecure means that you don’t have the resources available to always have access to a nutritious meal. There can be different levels of food insecurity around the world. About 36 percent of college students have experienced food insecurity. Therefore, it is important for students to be informed about this issue and how they can help. Students will familiarize themselves with the different campus and Lexington organizations that are addressing this issue in the community. By doing so, they will also learn how they can help and how they can gain access to food assistance if experiencing food insecurity.
  • One of the major challenges facing the world is the sustainable management of renewable and non-renewable resources. A growing global population has led to many environmental issues because more and more people are consuming and using resources. There are many innovative practices and organizations who are working to overcome these Natural Resource Management challenges. Students will be informed about these organizations and how they can get involved to help!

This program was formed to provide tangible and thought-provoking experiences that will help students enhance their development as global citizens. This year’s theme of Know the World: Know your Impact reflects the University’s mission to develop innovative leaders for the Commonwealth and the World.

To read more about Impact Week and see the schedule of events, visit

The Student Academic Life is funding the entire event through the Co-Curricular Student Center Challenge, read more:




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