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Nominations Open for UK Global Impact Awards

Thursday, March 5, 2020 | By Lindsey Piercy and Paulina Zarate

The International Center (UKIC) at the University of Kentucky is seeking nominations for the inaugural UK Global Impact Awards. The ceremony, to be held April 22, will honor faculty, staff and alumni who have significantly contributed to the university’s global engagement.

“A globally engaged university fosters an institutional culture in which global connections and intercultural perspectives are taken into consideration in any and all of our core missions and activities,” Tim Barnes, executive director of International Partnership and Research in the UK International Center, said. “The global dimensions of our education, research and engagement are a vital part in making the University of Kentucky the University for Kentucky.”

The UK Global Impact Awards recognize contributions towards enhancing UK’s global engagement through education, research and service, as well as fostering a culturally diverse, welcoming environment that is conducive to comprehensive campus internationalization.

Nominees for the various award categories will be reviewed by the campuswide International Advisory Council (IAC) or a relevant IAC sub-committee — with additional input and review from other campus stakeholders, such as the UK Alumni Association.

“Global engagement activities by faculty and staff are often seen as something extra. But they are really crucial in fostering a diverse, vibrant community of globally informed scholars and globally competent students,” Sue Roberts, associate provost for internationalization, continued. “Going ‘above and beyond’ to conduct collaborative research around the world, lead students on education abroad experiences, incorporate diverse cultural perspectives into courses here at home and integrate international students and scholars contributes to campus internationalization and UK’s global presence — and so deserves special recognition.”

Faculty and students who have been recent winners of other prestigious international scholarships and awards — such as Boren, Fulbright, Gilman, Marshall and Rhodes — will also be honored at the reception.

“Every university has faculty, staff, students and alumni who champion aspects of internationalization,” Barnes said. “It is only fitting that UK have a formal annual way to recognize these members of our community and showcase the contributions they make to connect the campus community to the wider world.”

To nominate a colleague through March 23 and learn more about the 2020 UK Global Impact Awards, visit the International Center website.  

Winners will be announced and honored at the UK Global Impact Awards reception on the evening of April 22 at the Hilary J. Boone Center.