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Helping Babies Breathe - Remembering Taylor Davis

Monday, June 25, 2018 | By Hartley Feld

Helping Babies Breathe is a neonatal resuscitation curriculum for resource-limited circumstances. It was developed on the premise that assessment at birth and simple newborn care are things that every baby deserves. The initial steps taught in HBB can save lives and give a much better start to many babies who struggle to breathe at birth. The focus is to meet the needs of every baby born. The website is Some of the outcomes include a 47% neonatal mortality reduction and a 24% decrease of stillbirths. Birth attendants and instructors are being trained in 48 countries.

UK Pediatricians and Family Practice medical residents conducted the training; the students were 24 Ecuadorians and one nursing faculty from UK. Before beginning we had a moment of silence for Taylor Davis during this training. Dr. Young (orange shirt, back row) asked that we remember her when we are training others or using this training to improve health and outcomes in our birthing practices. Taylor registered to be a trainer at UK in March in order to be one of the trainers at this event. "Those who knew Taylor described her as full of life and compassion with a heart of gold. She was spontaneous, free-spirited, and inspirational. She was especially a ray of light to the kids she helped care for at the Children’s Hospital- she loved them, and they loved her. Taylor made an impact on everyone she came in contact with through her big smile and infectious laugh. Even more, she loved others and always gave of herself."- Magan Carver

I noticed several of the Ecuadorians we trained do the sign of the cross during the moment of silence and many asked me about Taylor during the break. I just wanted to share that with you all to let you know that she is being remembered in large and small ways around the world.