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UK Launches Peace Corps Prep Program

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 | By Patricia Sumoza

The University of Kentucky is always looking for new ways to inspire its students and help them achieve beyond what they thought was possible. UK has partnered with the U.S. Peace Corps to launch its first Peace Corps Prep certificate program, which prepares students for international development field work and potential Peace Corps service. The program is open to undergraduate students from all majors who are looking to challenge and sharpen the skills necessary to succeed in an interconnected world.

“Peace Corps gave me the experience to work in an international setting and to work directly with communities. Currently, I work with the Shoulder to Shoulder Global program at UK, which provides health services to communities in Ecuador and I’m on the board of the Kentucky Peace Corps Association. The work I do for both of these organizations is extremely rewarding as its about fostering relationships within communities, an important lesson I learned during my Peace Corps service,” said Craig Borie, returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) and Peace Corps Prep representative at UK.

 Students will take classes that will develop their foreign language skills and intercultural competency, while focusing in an area that will prepare them for a global career or a position as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  

Joining this program helps students broaden their world view and teach them what it takes to make a difference, even for those who are not interested in pursuing a career with the Peace Corps.

“I wanted to work internationally but felt that I didn’t have any solid skills that I could offer, except that I could speak some Spanish. I was curious about the world and how others lived and thought Peace Corps could help me learn,” Borie said. “I wish a program like Peace Corps Prep had been available to help me be better prepared for what I was about to experience.”

The program’s main objective is to inspire students to be part of something bigger than themselves. This experience offers students the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, all while making an impact in the world, both in the community and abroad.

            In Peace Corp Prep students will also acquire the following unique benefits:

  • Develop sector-specific skills- Be able to explore different work industries and enhance your knowledge in a field you’ve always loved. Work sectors include service, agriculture, the environment, youth development, education, business, and health.
  • Foreign language proficiency- Develop proficiency and the capacity to interact professionally using a language other than English.
  • Expand intercultural competence- Gain the ability to shift perspectives and behavior across other cultures through a mix of introspective courses.
  • Engage in professional and leadership development- Students will have the opportunity to develop their leadership experiences. These include Leadership roles in campus student organizations, presenting at conferences, UK 101 peer instructing, writing articles for regional/national/international publications, leading programs or projects for local non-profits, leading advocacy campaigns, serving in managerial work role or editorial roles.

If you are looking to discover your passions, challenge yourself and impact UK’s community and the world, this is the right opportunity for you. For more details on courses required and qualifications, visit

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