Office of China Initiatives


Office of China Initiatives

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Internationalization + Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

OCI is a home and haven for Chinese international students. Our goal is to support Asian American and Chinese international students through our programs while also educating campus about Asian American history, challenges, successes, and culture. Our DEI programming includes speaker events, workshops, a book club and more.

Student Opportunities

OCI is dedicated to providing University of Kentucky students with not just excellent educational opportunities, but also a community where ALL students are welcomed, inspired, and empowered in their college journey and beyond.

Undergraduate Student Success

OCI develops programs focusing on students’ holistic development, including identifying opportunities for internships, career readiness, and integration of domestic and international students.  

Graduate Student Success

OCI works to recruit more students through articulation programs and provides opportunities for graduate students to teach and intern in China. 

Career Development

OCI offers programs and opportunities to help UK’s students expand and diversify their career development. 

Alumni Connection

OCI works with the China Alumni Club to connect UK alumni in China with current UK students, both Chinese and domestic.

Faculty & Staff Opportunities

OCI is dedicated to providing University of Kentucky faculty and staff with opportunities to engage with China.

Teach in China

OCI supports faculty teaching through the UK Faculty Teach in China program at numerous universities in China.

Research in China

OCI offers numerous research opportunities for faculty to research in China. 

Support Academic Enrichment

OCI supports various academic enrichment programs.

Host a Scholar from China

OCI connects the Chinese scholars, who intend to engage their research and study as Visiting Scholars at UK, to UK faculty and colleges.

Summer Academies

OCI work with our China partners and UK campus to offer professional development opportunities for partner universities and, at the same time, offer summer/winter academies for Chinese high school students and college students.

Community Engagement & Services

OCI is committed to helping the university fulfill its land-grant mission through community outreach and organizations. OCI provides much needed service for the community and campus through HSK, Visa, and translation service.