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About Huajing Maske

Dr. Huajing Xiu Maske (pronounced as “Waching Maskee) is the Executive Director of Office of China Initiatives of University of Kentucky. Her Chinese name is 修华静 Xiu (Shiu) Huajing. She is known as Dr. Xiu (Shiu) among colleagues in China.

Dr.  Maske received her Ph.D. (D.Phi.)in Chinese Art History from Oxford University, England, her MA in International Cultural Exchange from Peking University, and her BA in English Literature from the University of International Relations, Beijing, China. She has received numerous awards including Amici Linguarum (Friend of Languages) Award by KWLA and Individual Performance Excellent Awards twice by Chinese Language Exchange Cooperation.  

Maske leads the university effort in all China related partnerships and programs.  She serves on the University DEI Leadership Committee. She also holds the rank of Clinical Associate Professor in the College of Education and has been a Visiting Professor at China’s Jilin University and at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.  Dr. Maske is also a committee member of the Expert Panel of International Chinese Language Teaching Materials. 

Dr. Maske is a leading specialist on the teaching of China-related material in K-12 schools. She lectures extensively in the U.S., Europe, and Asia on strategies of Chinese Language Teaching and how to establish and maintain Chinese language programs.  She teaches a faculty directed study abroad course on “Education in Chinese Culture.” Dr. Maske’s research interest and clinical interest focuses on how to integrate Chinese art into the teaching of Chinese language, culture, and history in K-16 classrooms.  She has published extensively in English and Chinese.