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Hear from Our Students

Mia Jackson Shares her STSG Experience Abroad

Whitney White

STSG Class of March 2017

This experience has given me a whole new appreciation for the small things in my life that allow me to live conveniently and comfortably. It has also made me a more confident and quicker clinician. The creativity and problem-solving skills necessary to get the job done has made me more confident in the clinic.

Peyton Pruitt

STSG Class of June 2016

For us, students, learning alongside Ecuadorians was the opportunity of a lifetime. We are so fortunate to have had the chance to help community members while increasing our knowledge about health from various perspectives, from nursing to speech-language pathology. I think I speak for all who attended the June Brigade when I say that if school, work, finances or family commitments were not holding us back, we would return to Ecuador in a heartbeat.

Kevin Mercer

STSG Class of May 2013

It’s always so interesting to work side by side with other healthcare professionals different from your own. I was able to learn so much about pharmacy, other professions, and myself in the process. Serving the Ecuadorian patient population is always so inspiring as well because they are so open to working with our group.

Sydney Barnett

STSG Class of June 2016

I learned that when working with people from different cultures, it’s important to truly listen and not assume that you know what’s best. Your classes can’t prepare you for every person you meet in a clinical setting and people from different cultural backgrounds, especially. Along with listening to a patient without judgment, I’ve also learned that it’s important to take the reins in educating yourself. By becoming familiar with the culture and current economic issues in Ecuador, I was able to better understand the people I encountered.

Rachel Stone

STSG Class of March 2013

The Shoulder to Shoulder Global brigade trip to Ecuador was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Not only did it facilitate both personal and professional growth, but it also gave me the opportunity to develop a new perspective on global citizenship.

Katelyn McNamara

STSG Class of August 2012

I was a medical interpreter with the physical therapy team and speech therapy team that were traveling to Ecuador in the Spring break. I fell in love with interpreting and physical therapy. Shoulder to Shoulder Global actually introduced me to my future career. I felt like I was making positive change, even if in small increments.