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Shanghai University Elite Research Program


In order to strengthen collaborative teaching and research between UK and the Chinese universities,  
the UK Confucius Institute sends five UK faculty to Shanghai University (SHU) to research and teach for one month between mid-May and mid-July every year. 

Program Specifics

1. Eligibility

UK associate professor or full professor in various disciplines 

2. Teaching and Research Responsibility:

  1. Work with a SHU partner professor to develop collaborative research project. 
  2. Give two presentations on research in the field. 
  3. Participate in the activities provided by the department and university. 
  4. Teach a one-credit course. 
    • Length: One Month, 30 days. 
    • Course teaching hours: 10 Hours 
    • Language: English 
    • Time of the year: UK faculty can decide on his/her own one month time between mid-May  and mid-July.

3. Compensations:

Shanghai University will cover the following (there might be slight changes every year): 

  1. International Round-trip tickets (economy coach class, not exceeding $1200.00). 
  2. One Month (including weekends) accommodation in Shanghai University Guest House. 
  3. Stipend: $1200.00 

4. Application Process:

  1. Application deadline: by mid-February every year 
  2. Please submit your application packet to:  Yang Zengxiang at
  3. UKCI will work with Shanghai University Office of International Affairs to determine acceptance. 
  4. UKCI will notify candidates by the end of March every year. 


5. Compensation Methods:

  • International round trip airfare will be reimbursed after course is completed in the end of the first week.  
    Faculty will be organized in the second week to exchange the Chinese currency into US dollars in the  
    Chinese bank. 
  • Total compensation will be paid to faculty in two ways: 

**wired to faculty’s US bank account upon completion of the one month work. There will be a charge by your  
    bank if you choose this method. 
** You will receive $1200 cash in RMB at the completion of your one month program at SHU. 

6. Visa and Passport:

  • A valid passport is needed for this trip. The passport must be valid for at least 6 month  
    at the conclusion of the trip. 
  • UKCI will handle the visa application for successful candidates. A visa application fee of $308.50 will apply.   
  • For questions, please contact Huajing Maske at