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Case Competition

The Global Health Case Competition is an innovative student competition that rallies graduate and undergraduate students from across UK to form interdisciplinary teams that develop strategies to address a critical global health challenge.  

These strategies are presented to a panel of judges and the top team will be awarded $1200.00, in addition to free admission to the Midwest Regional Global Health Conference, to take place February 24, 2018 at the University of Cincinnati.

Registration closes at midnight, Friday, December 15.


Important Information

  • Competition Day: February 3.
  • Registration closes at midnight, Friday, December 15
  • Contact to volunteer and learn more: Alison C. Salyer, Global Health Coordinator, at

Additional Information

Who can participate?

Graduate and undergraduate students enrolled at UK are invited to participate. Teams are comprised of four to six students and at least 3 different UK colleges should be represented. After you register and are selected, members will be randomly assigned to teams. Applicants may request to be paired with a maximum of five other applicants at the time of registration, but team membership is not guaranteed as priority must be given to the overall needs of the competition and team diversity. Post-graduate and post-doctoral fellows are not eligible to participate. Students who wish to participate may come from any UK college, but experience or interest in global health and problem-solving is crucial.

How many students can participate?

Teams are made up of 4-6 students, each team representing a minimum of 3 colleges. The maximum number of teams will be 18.

What is the time commitment for participants?

The case will be released approximately one week before the competition. Presentations will be due the morning of the Saturday competition, February 3.

Once the case is released, each team may decide when and how much to work on its presentation.

There will be a Team Meet and Greet from 5 - 7 p.m.on Tuesday, January 30, in addition to a Team Work Day held Friday, February 2, beginning at 12 p.m. 

The competition will run from 8 a.m. to approximately 4 p.m. the following day.

What was the topic of the 2017 case?

For the 2017 scenario, students served as a multidisciplinary consultant team to the President of Honduras, in an effort to reduce gun violence in the country. Honduras has been declared the most violent country in the world due to a devastatingly high murder rate. A competition was held that allowed the great minds of the nation, and the world, to come together and design a solution to the violence they face on a daily basis.

How do I register for the case competition?

Registration for the 2018 competition will open November 27. Check back here for further instructions, coming soon.