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Meet your UK EA Advisor

If you already know what you want to do abroad, schedule an appointment with your advisor. Not sure who your advisor is? Check the advisors "advising areas", as advising is done based on your major.

Jon Hibbard

Education Abroad Advisor & Curriculum Integration Coordinator

303 Bradley Hall

(859) 323-2136

Advising Areas: College of Arts & Sciences, Lewis Honors College, College of Law, Martin School of Public Policy & Administration, Patterson School of Diplomacy & International Commerce

Jon graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2010 with a BA in International Studies and French Studies as well as a minor in History. His junior year of undergrad was spent studying abroad in Saint-Etienne, France for an academic year on an ISEP Exchange. After finishing at UK, he finished his MA in French Studies through Middlebury College in Vermont, which included studying for a year in Paris and Poitiers, France. All of his undergraduate and graduate research focused on the relationship between identity and language.


Since graduating, he has had several international experiences in Europe, North America and Australia, but Asia is at the top of his wish list… closely followed by all the other parts of the world he hasn’t visited. From 2015 - 2018 he worked as a study abroad advisor at the University of Cincinnati. Jon is now an Education Abroad Advisor and Curriculum Integration Coordinator in the UKEA office, working primarily with the College of Arts & Sciences and the Lewis Honors College. Being back in Kentucky, he is enjoying all the camping, hiking and kayaking the state has to offer!

Molly McMahon

Education Abroad Advisor & Ongoing Orientation Coordinator

307 Bradley Hall

(859) 323-2142

Advising Areas: College of Communication & Information, College of Design, College of Engineering, College of Fine Arts

Molly completed her undergraduate degree at Miami University (OH) in International Studies and French language, which included a semester study and internship abroad program in Southwestern France.  After graduating, she moved to Boston, MA to work for a non-profit international internship provider; and later, she moved to Cape Town, South Africa to pursue her master’s degree at the University of Cape Town. She completed a master’s degree in Climate Change & Sustainable Development and wrote her thesis on ethical consumption in Global South, with a specific focus on how students in Cape Town understand and express ethics through their everyday food and grocery shopping choices. She joined the UK Education Abroad team in September 2016 as the Curriculum Integration Coordinator and Advisor for the Colleges of Design, Fine Arts, Communication & Information, and Engineering. She enjoys reading, traveling, and eating (not a foodie, just an eater). Her most rewarding travel experiences have been her first solo trip where she explored Namibia for a week (and met the lighting and sound engineers for a Boyz II Men tour), camping at the foot of an extinct volcano in Iceland, and serving with UK students on an Alternative Service Break to Nicaragua.   Her best travel/packing advice is to always pack a raincoat (even for the desert) and to never ask what’s in a dish before you try it.  

Susan Meredith

Education Abroad Advisor & Alumni Engagement/EAPA Program Coordinator

316 Bradley Hall

(859) 323-2143

Advising Areas: College of Agriculture, Food & Environment, Gatton College of Business & Economics

Susan Meredith is an alumna of the University of Iowa, graduating with her B.A. in International Studies. After graduating, she spent three years completing environmental fieldwork, research, and service with AmeriCorps and Student Conservation Association. Which is a fancy way of saying she hiked 30-50 miles a week in the woods creating trail maps and emergency evacuation plans all over the country. A fun fact about Susan is she is just 4 states shy of visiting all 50 U.S. States! However, there is only one state like Kentucky, and she is going on her third year at the University of Kentucky, working in UK Education Abroad. She found her passion for education abroad during her semester study abroad program in Australia. While reflecting on her own experience she realized that there were many ways she could contribute to the field and provide student support. A bit of hard work and wooing, she landed her dream job with UK Education Abroad. She now challenges to students to really think critically how this experience will push them further in their education and career. She does not stop there, she also continues to push herself and grow in her education. UK offers so many wonderful resources and opportunities; she is now currently working to complete the Professional MBA program.

Laurence Tuccori

Education Abroad Advisor and Exchanges Coordinator

302 Bradley Hall

(859) 323-2133

Advising Areas: College of Education, National Student Exchange, International Exchange Programs, Direct Programs

Laurence brings the UK to UK. A British passport holder with a lifelong passion for all things USA, Laurence graduated from the University of Reading in England with a Bachelor of Arts degree in United States Studies. The degree included an exchange program to Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania and – after a career in broadcast radio in Great Britain as an announcer, journalist and news director - Laurence returned there to earn his Master’s degree in Liberal Arts.  He comes to the University of Kentucky from Ohio University, where he worked as an Education Abroad Program Coordinator.Laurence flew before he could walk, taking his first flight abroad as a baby, and in the intervening years he’s traveled extensively (including 48 of the 50 US states). He rates Venice, Italy; Pismo Beach, CA; and Lock Haven, PA as among his favorite places, with Cuba as the most fascinating country he’s visited to date.

Olivia Ellis

Education Abroad Advisor & Scholarships Coordinator

306 Bradley Hall

(859) 323-2104

Advising Areas: College of Dentistry, College of Health Sciences, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, College of Public Health, College of Social Work, GME, Rotations, Clerkships, Alternative Service Break (ASB), and Shoulder to Shoulder Global

Olivia Ellis is an Education Abroad Advisor and Scholarships Coordinator in the UKEA office. Olivia advises for all UK Healthcare colleges and undergraduate medical colleges. Olivia also oversees and coordinates UKEA Scholarships.

With a lifelong passion for understanding culture and international affairs, and having studied abroad in Germany, Olivia has discovered that being involved in an international community is truly an experience – and not just because of great food. Olivia has grown to believe that international education is an opportunity for every student to explore not only the world, but themselves and the cultures that shaped them. For Olivia, the importance of education abroad is to bring the outside world a little closer to home, and to spread a little bit of home into the outside world. As a member of the UK Education Abroad and Exchanges office and a proud alumna of Future Problem Solving Program International, Olivia hopes to make an impact on students, and campus in general, in order to foster a greater understanding and excitement for continued international learning, understanding, and problem solving.

As a new face to the international education career field, Olivia has become a participant in NAFSA  and the Forum on Education Abroad conferences and sessions. Olivia has also received the “Health, Safety, and Risk Management in Education Certificate” from NAFSA, and plans to pursue further training and experience.

A native of Van Lear, Kentucky, Olivia holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and German Studies from Transylvania University.

Katie McKinney

Financial Manager

312 Bradley Hall

(859) 257-0497

Advising Areas: Budget & Finance

Katie received her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Spanish with a minor in Economics from Asbury College. Between her junior and senior years, Katie spent a summer in Spain studying at the University of Salamanca. After graduation, she worked as an accountant for several years before deciding to pursue a Master's at the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce at the University of Kentucky. While at Patterson, Katie focused on International Development and International Economics. Since finishing at Patterson, Katie has worked as an accountant, baker, barista, bookseller, and prior to joining the Education Abroad team, she worked as the office manager for a cultural resource management firm. When she’s not crunching numbers, Katie enjoys traveling, cooking, and running.