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Scholarships for International Freshmen

All scholarships listed below are renewable.

Scholarship Award Traditional Criteria Test-Optional Criteria Priority Deadline How to Apply
Bluegrass Spirit*









3.00 GPA & 25 / 1200 SAT (M+CR)

3.50 GPA & 25 / 1200 SAT (M+CR)

3.50 GPA & 30 / 1360 SAT (M+CR)

3.0 GPA

3.5 GPA

3.6 GPA

3.8 GPA

December 1
  • Automatically considered if you check the academic scholarship/honors box in the application - no separate application required
  • Apply for admission by December 1
  • Must be a freshman undergraduate student
William C. Parker Belonging Scholarship Program Varies 2.50 N/A December 1
  • Apply for admission by December 1 (priority deadline); February 15 (final deadline) - early application is encouraged.
  • Complete the William C. Parker Belonging Scholarship Program section of the admission application and provide supporting documents
    • A 300-word essay is required
  • Must be a freshman undergraduate student
  • For more details on this scholarship please click here.
International Ambassador* $3,000 - $16,000 2.50 N/A February 15
  • Apply for admission by February 15
  • Must be an international undergraduate freshman or transfer student on an F-1 visa
  • Complete this form, which includes:
    • Name and date of birth as it appears in your passport
    • Student ID number (look for the admission letter)
    • One-page essay describing how you could serve as a student ambassador to the university, plus any experiences you have in leadership & volunteerism
    • One letter of recommendation


*Students who qualify for in-state tuition are ineligible for these scholarships.

Please note that scholarships are awarded to admitted students; applicants with missing documentation may not be considered for scholarships.

Other Scholarships


External Resources for Grants & Scholarships

Funding sources can differ depending on the region of the world in which students live. We strongly suggest contacting the nearest  Overseas Education Advising Center or the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in your country. These centers have updated information about financial assistance and can assist with the application process.