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UK Global Footprint

As the flagship, land-grant, public research university serving the Commonwealth, the University of Kentucky is engaged in local, regional, transnational, and global relationships. The UK Global Footprint compiles and visualizes data on UK's global engagement activities to support existing activities and enhance strategic decision-making.

Global Mobility @UK

Where our people come from. Where our people go.

Global Learning @UK

The world as our classroom... The world in our classrooms.

Global Research @UK

Where our research takes us.

Global Engagement @UK

Our impact, recognitions, and partners in the world.

Global Resources @UK

Supporting our global engagements.

Data Requests

Don’t see your global engagement or expertise reflected in the UK Global Footprint? Would you like a specific report run or access to underlying data? Please contact us to submit data or to request a report.

The UK Global Footprint website and underlying data is gathered, developed, and maintained by the office of International Partnerships and Research (IPR), in collaboration with other units of the UK International Center, as well as external UK data sources/units. For questions or concerns about the data displayed here, please contact