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Students in France

This travel registry is for UK students and postdoctoral fellows who are traveling abroad on trips funded or explicitly endorsed by the University. All such trips MUST be registered in order to maintain compliance with University student travel policy, and to facilitate coverage under UK’s international medical insurance and evacuation plan. 

Activities that must be registered include, but are not limited to, research projects, conference attendances and presentations, non-credit group travel, etc. You should not register personal travel (e.g., vacations). 

If you are enrolled in UK credit while abroad, including dissertation residency credit, you should not register here without first contacting Director of Global Risk & Strategic Operations Jason Hope at Your registration may need to be coordinated by UK Education Abroad. 

All students traveling abroad for UK are covered by the University’s blanket international medical insurance and evacuation policy. The cost of coverage, $10.50 per week, will be billed to your student account statement as one lump sum during the term in which you travel, and will only be charged for your program dates, rounded up to the nearest full week.