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International Agreements

The University of Kentucky International Center promotes relationships with educational institutions and their respective students and faculty through joint research projects, student/faculty exchanges, and other collaborative efforts. Currently, UK has over two hundred active international partnerships. The map below highlights countries in which the University of Kentucky has one or more active agreements with one or more partner institutions. A detailed database of these partnerships is available here (LinkBlue credentials are required). 

Through partnerships, our students gain knowledge, skills and understanding that help them become leaders in their respective fields. Our international involvement also strengthens avenues for cutting-edge research collaboration, Kentucky-based industries, and socio-cultural ties that directly benefit the Commonwealth, its businesses and its citizens.  

If you are interested in establishing or formalizing a partnership, or have been approached by another institution to do so, please visit the "Create or Renew an Agreement" page to familiarize yourself with the drafting process. For more information, contact the Manager of International Agreements at