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Other Employment Visa Types

Other Visa Types

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) provides information and assistance to Colleges and departments as they seek to employ or invite international faculty and staff to the University of Kentucky. The most common visa classifications for this purpose are the H-1B Temporary Worker and the J-1 Scholar categories.  There are times however when these visa classifications are not workable solutions for the candidate or department for various reasons.   Other employment visa classifications may be possible for the right candidate.  The following options have been prepared to provide a starting point and preliminary information to the campus community with respect to the hiring of non-immigrants.

O-1 Temporary Worker

The O-1 classification is based on extraordinary ability. It is reserved for individuals with a high level of expertise and national or international acclaim. Extensive evidentiary documentation is required.

TN Temporary Worker

The TN classification is part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to facilitate the employment of Canadians and Mexicans in a pre-selected number of occupations.

B Visitor

The B1/B2 visitor visa is a non-immigrant visa for short-term activities provided it does not constitute employment or study in the U.S. The category is appropriate for professional academic activities such as consulting, observing, conference attendance, seminars and independent research.

Honorarium Payments for International Guests

Scholars and experts are invited to
 the University of Kentucky to lecture, collaborate or participate in some type of activity for which reimbursement is necessary or an honorarium is customary.