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Major Advising Pages feature education abroad programs that your department has highlighted because they offer coursework that might fulfill some of your degree requirements or complement your studies at UK.
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Dr. Julie Human

Approving Official: This UK Faculty member can review EA courses relevant to this area of study. They can sign your Academic Approval Form confirming if a course has a UK equivalent course in this department.


Education Abroad & Exchanges

Your EA Advisor can help answer questions about your EA program experience, application, deadline, and course offerings.

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Highlighted Programs


Providers are organizations (colleges or universities, nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses, or consortiums) that offer education abroad programs and services to students from a variety of institutions.

John Cabot University (API)

Take the semester to enjoy living and studying in Italy with API at the John Cabot University in Rome.

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Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici (API)

Located in a 13th century convent in the heart of the city, courses are available in a wide variety of subjects across the arts, humanities, business, and international relations.

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Florence University of the Arts (ISA)

Florence University of the Arts (FUA) is a young, vibrant institution offering liberal arts coursework with an emphasis on hands-on and practical learning.

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Summer in Italy (KIIS)

The KIIS summer program in Italy begins in Florence with an exploration of the city’s world-class art and architecture. It then moves to Siena, where students wander the enchanting medieval streets and alleyways. The program concludes with nine days in Rome visiting museums, ancient ruins, historic churches, palaces and other destinations.

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An exchange program offers a unique chance to delve into a different culture and academic setting for a full semester or year, but only pay UK tuition.


Direct Enroll programs allow students from the University of Kentucky to enroll directly as non-degree seeking international students at partner institutions abroad.

Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Founded in 1921, UCSC is one of the most comprehensive and complete higher education institutions in Italy, and the largest private university in Europe. Università Cattolica excels in the diverse study opportunities that it offers in the humanities as well as scientific fields.

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Faculty-Directed Programs

Faculty-Directed programs are led by faculty from your college and offer UK credit.

Faculty-Directed Programs

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