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Why should I be interested in Education Abroad?

Education Abroad can help you: 

  • Earn Honors Experience credit 
  • Complete UK Core General Education Requirements
  • Earn credits towards your major, minor, or elective requirements
  • Explore new areas of study through general elective courses
  • Earn academic credit for an internship or research project
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As a UK student, you can study abroad during any term starting the summer after your freshman year. Important factors, like your major, degree plan and progress, budget, and campus involvement, are important factors to determine when and where to study abroad. Early planning will give you more flexibility in program and location choice. Use your Major Advising Page to kickstart your planning process and navigate conversations with your academic and education abroad advisors, as well as your support network and other campus contacts.  

College Contact

Pearl James - Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Pearl James is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the Lewis Honors College and an Associate Professor in the UK English department

Approving Official: You can discuss Honors Faculty-Directed programs and Scholarships with Dr. Pearl James. 


Meet Your EA Advisor

Allison Peoples - Advisor & Curricular Alignment Coordinator

Advising Areas: Explore First: Careers, Cultures and Connections Program; Lewis Honors College; Colleges of: Communication & Information, Design, Fine Arts, Nursing, Public Policy

Office: 307 Bradley Hall

Contact or Meet Your Advisor

Allison Peoples
Blue Line

Highlighted Programs

Highlighted Programs feature education abroad programs that your department has highlighted because they offer coursework that complement your degree requirements or studies at UK.

Partner Study

Providers are organizations (colleges or universities, nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses, or consortiums) that offer education abroad programs and services to students from a variety of institutions.

Dublin City University

At DCU, you can participate on an international study program, or a study + internship program where you can take classes and intern with a local business

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University of Sydney

Recognized as a top university for International Relations, Asia-Pacific related studies, Engineering, STEM, Environmental Topics and Liberal Arts.

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Universidad del Norte (ISA)

While course offerings vary from summer to semester options, Barranquilla is great for students interested in STEM, Spanish language, Latin American studies, business, and engineering!

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Korea University (TEAN)

Korea University is one of the Korea's oldest, largest and top-ranked universities.Known as the "Ivy League" private university in the country, Korea University is a world-class institution featuring a dynamic educational environment, beautiful and conveniently-located campus, and top-quality student facilities.

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Universidad de Granada (ISA)

ISA's program in the stunningly beautiful, mountainous city of Granada, Spain is at the Universidad de Granada (UGr). It was founded in 1531 and is one of the oldest universities in Spain.

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University of Nicosia (Global Semesters)

Spend your summer studying abroad aside the Mediterranean Sea in Nicosia, Cyprus to study drug development, and the impact of technological developments through a comparative study of drug regulatory environments in the European Union vs the United States. 

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Partner Research

You can join an ongoing research project across the world. 

Summer in Scandinavia (DIS)

DIS offers a variety of summer courses from nordic mythology to medical biotechnology. Most courses are offered in 3 week blocks with the opportunity to enroll in multiple blocks over the summer. There is also a special  7 week program format specifically for architecture and interior design students.

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Undergraduate Research in Europe (EuroScholars)

Interested in strengthening your resume or experience through research? Consider applying to EuroScholars undergraduate research projects which span a variety of academic fields! This program gives students the opportunity to perform research under the direct supervision of professors and academic staff.

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Partner Internship

Gain real life work experience. 

Summer Internship in Berlin (Global Experiences)

An internship is a great opportunity to gain work experience and working in a new environment enhances those professional skills with attributes of adaptability and self-reliance.

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Summer Internship in Paris (Global Experiences)

Global Experiences' summer internship in Paris is an 8-week program with potential placements in advertising, architecture, art, business, event planning, fashion business and design, theatre and film, graphic design, hospitality, journalism, law, public relations, sports, and video production

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Faculty-Directed Programs

Faculty-Directed programs are led by faculty from your college and offer UK credit.

Costa Rica: Biodiversity, Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development

This program will provide you with an in-depth and experiential course focused on conservation, sustainability, eco-tourism, and culture in Costa Rica. Over three weeks in the country, you will experience Costa Rican culture, its way of life, and its biodiversity with Dr. Pearl James. 

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Navigating the 'Grand Tour'

You will follow the historic route from London through Paris to Florence and Rome while examining the ways that the curriculum of travel has changed over time and how mobility contributes to a global society alongside Dr. Jane Jensen. 

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