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Outgoing Exchanges From UK

Outgoing Exchanges

Exchange programs provide the opportunity for students to pay their regular UK tuition and spend a semester or academic year studying at one of our partner institutions around the world.

Exchanges provide students with immersive and independent experiences. You will enjoy living like a local and attending class alongside local students and students from many other countries.

Your free time is yours to do what you want with, and many exchange students take the opportunity to develop their foreign language skills (but please note, most exchange programs have no foreign language requirement), explore the culture and history of their host country, and take weekend trips to neighboring countries and capitals.

Most exchange programs are offered for Fall, Spring and the Academic Year. A few also have a Summer option.

Exchange programs are designed to be roughly comparable in price to the cost of a semester at UK.

Exchange Types


These exchanges are open to all suitably qualified UK students, regardless of college of enrollment. - Need to clarify "suitably qualified"

University-wide exchange partners tend to offer a wide range of areas of study, allowing you to take a real mix of classes fulfilling requirements for your major, minor, and electives.

You will pay your regular UK tuition and fees to UK, and accommodation and meal plan fees to the host university.

College Specific

College-specific exchanges are owned by a particular UK college and operated primarily for the benefit of students enrolled in that college. These exchange partners offer a range of courses which fulfill various major and minor requirements for students enrolled in that college.

Occasionally a college-specific exchange will accept applications from students outside that college. If that’s you please contact the UK Exchanges Coordinator for more information.

You will pay your regular UK tuition and fees to UK, and accommodation and meal plan fees to the host university.


UK is a member of the International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP) network, which gives students access to more than 300 institutions in over 50 countries worldwide.

With an ISEP exchange, you will pay a program fee consisting of UK tuition and fees, UK accommodation and meal plan, and receive all these benefits at no extra cost at the host institution. If you want to apply to an ISEP program, please contact the UK Exchanges Coordinator.

Application/Nomination Process


Use the Program Search to explore exchange programs available. Select ‘UK Exchange’ from the ‘UK Program Type’ menu. If you want to see the exchanges offered by your college, you can also select it from the ‘College’ menu.


On the program page you’ll find general information about the exchange host institution, areas of study, housing and meal plans. Toward the top left hand side of the page you’ll see Partner Website: Click to visit The partner website takes you to the international student website of the host university. This is where you will find much more detailed information about the institution, courses, accommodation, and student life.


Once you’ve identified your exchange program, you must first complete the UK EA application. You can start your UK EA application by clicking 'Apply Now' on the exchange program page.
If haven’t already met with the Exchanges Coordinator to discuss your options, he will contact you once you start your UK EA application to request a meeting to discuss your interest, review the application process and timeline.


When you have completed your UK EA application, the Exchanges Coordinator will contact the host institution to nominate you. This usually takes the form of an email providing your name, rank, major, GPA and the term you are applying for.


The exchange host institution responds confirming they will accept an application from you. At this point the UK Exchanges Coordinator will provide you with access to the exchange host institution application. Some applications are online, while others are still on paper, but in both cases you will be instructed on how to proceed by the UK Exchanges Coordinator.


Each exchange program has its own application deadline. The UK application deadline is set 3-4 weeks before the exchange host institution deadline.

Some exchange host institutions will process applications and officially admit students on a rolling basis while others wait until an official deadline before starting this process. In some cases, you may have to wait until relatively late in the semester (or sometimes after the end of the UK semester) to receive official notification of acceptance.

Don't worry, this will still give you enough time to complete all necessary pre-departure requirements. In both cases, we recommend you get an early start on your UK application. There is a lot to get done and some exchange programs fill quickly.