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Student Forms

Note: Please only select the forms applicable to your program. Rarely will you be required to fill out all forms.

Acknowledgment of Program Cost (APC)

The Acknowledgement of Program Cost form was created to help UK students identify the costs associated with their program of choice, what financial aid (if any) would be available to them, and what remaining funding would be needed to make the program financially viable. Note that students who are receiving financial aid from UK must have a financial aid counselor review and sign the form before their UK EA application can move forward. To electronically submit the form to the UK Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships for review and signature, please visit this site and select the "Education Abroad and Exchanges Forms Submission" link to upload your form. It will be returned to you via email when it is complete. 
Please submit your completed form virtually to
Education Abroad applications cannot and will not be rejected on the basis of the information included in this form, but UK Education Abroad Advisors are available to meet with students at the student's request to find alternative programs which best fit the student's academic and financial needs. 

Academic Approval Form (AAF)

To complete this form, students must take the syllabus or course description of each class to be taken abroad to the corresponding department at UK to determine the transfer course equivalency.

EAPA Application

The Education Abroad Peer Ambassador (EAPA) Internship Program is an academic internship offered through the UK International Center. It is open to students from all academic backgrounds who have previously studied abroad.

Non-UK Home Institution Approval Form

The Non-UK Home Institution Approval form was created to ensure non-UK student applicants have been given approval from their home institution before participating on a UK Education Abroad program. 

Supplemental Assumption of Risk and Release From Liability Form

Per UK's international education travel policy, undergraduate students may only engage in educational travel in countries or regions under a U.S. Department of State Level 3 (Reconsider Travel) Travel Advisory upon successful completion of a mandatory review process, and with the approval of the Associate Provost for Internationalization in consultation with the college dean, or designee. Undergraduate students may not pursue educational travel in countries or regions under Level 4 (Do Not Travel) advisories.

Graduate and professional students, and GME residents, may only engage in educational travel in countries or regions under a U.S. Department of State Level 3 (Reconsider Travel) or Level 4 (Do Not Travel) advisory upon completion of the same process outlined above, and with the same approval.

As part of the mandatory review process, students must complete the Supplemental Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability Form and submit it to their Education Abroad Advisor via email.

myEA Checklist

Use this list to check-off and follow the recommended steps necessary to go abroad.

Insurance Forms

ACE American Insurance Company Trip Cancellation/Interruption- Proof of Loss

If you need to submit a trip cancellation/interruption claim to the insurance provider, fill this form out.

ACE American Insurance Company Claim Form

If you need to submit an injury claim to the insurance provider, fill this form out.